Advances in casino technology

More and more areas of life are developed digitally. Who would have thought ten years ago, for example, that today you no longer have to physically go to a casino, but you can play from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to stick to fixed opening hours or dress codes, which makes gaming on mobile devices even more tempting.

In terms of the areas with the highest expected growth rates, online casinos and sports betting, including e-sports, were the most important sectors. In 2019, online casinos grew by 10.6% and sports bets by 18.6%.

It is precisely this convenience of online casinos that have made the gaming industry such a huge success, with the added factor of the wide selection of games often exceeding what is available in the real world. Slot machines are particularly popular here, but online bingo is also a popular game. Beginners, in particular, get their money’s worth here and can practice their roulette tricks – new online casinos emerge every day, offering players unprecedented variety.

Advances in casino games

The variety of games and styles of play available at online casinos is growing all the time, and with it comes improved graphics, sound quality, and flawless playability. And as these continue to evolve, consumers are increasingly hungry for new experiences. As video streaming gained popularity in the 2000s, the best UK online casinos began to introduce live dealer games. This helped bring together the best online and real-world casino experiences. As technology advances, so does the ability of online gambling venues to mimic the real-world casino experience. While the latter is losing more and more popularity, new online casino sites are opening almost daily, covering all styles and niches. But here too, thanks to technological advances, these have been taken to the next level. You no longer just play against a computer, you can play against live dealers and at a table with other players. With a virtual reality headset, you can even see yourself sitting at a table with other players in front of the dealer in some casinos. As if you were really there.

Similar technological advancements led to radical developments in other gaming areas such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and also the “more realistic” design of the game experience, such as the new consoles with its new feedback system built into the controller. In general, the digital industry is leaning more towards a world where physical purchases are not necessary. For example, most television or movies are now broadcast consumed, games are downloaded, and are no longer physically purchased. Virtually everything takes place in the digital world. And as the Internet brought the gaming experience directly into people’s living rooms, its tremendous popularity has updated online gaming technology. From the payment methods (think of Boku casinos) to the game itself, online casinos these days are innovative, high-quality, and constantly evolving.

More developments

In the next decade, we can look forward to more innovative technological developments, such as faster internet through 5G. This promotes the mass distribution of connected devices in private homes, cities and companies, but also in agriculture, healthcare, manufacturing and infrastructure. These industries increasingly rely on connected devices to collect and analyze data, streamline processes, reduce downtime, and free up time to focus on new products and initiatives. Virtual and augmented reality in particular will benefit from these developments in the game world.

Game streaming, on the other hand, will take advantage of developments in cloud technology. Improvements in network infrastructure and artificial intelligence are the main driving forces behind the advent of cloud computing – data processing. This is done locally and without transmission over a large network. Some technologies require immediate data interpretation and cannot rely on higher latency networks.

Online casinos are in a unique position in the gaming industry. It is very likely that they will continue to exist and develop further in the coming years.